CARMEN® ANPR engine for extracting
the plate information from images

FXVD4 as hardware key

The CARMEN® Freeflow License Plate Recognition Engine possesses all the features a high quality license plate recognition system may require:
- it is highly accurate
- fail safe and stable
- fast and intelligent.

USB hardware key

CARMEN® ANPR software engine offers great flexibility for manufacturers and system integrators of car plate recognition systems. It practically means it can be integrated into any automatic number plate recognition systems.

The CARMEN® Software Development Kit (SDK) makes integration of license plate recognition easy, fast and cost effective. The resulted image processing system will have the highest performance - both in terms of recognition accuracy and speed - of optical license plate recognition.

You can run as many Carmen processes, as many Carmen licences you have. In other words, Carmen is licenced per CPU core.

The licences are represented by hardware keys, which can be either integrated onto an FXVD4 grabber card, or on a pendrive-shaped USB dongle.